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Build an Ember app with the help of Iridium, Rake-Pipeline, Yeoman or Sprockets.

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Other Cool Stuff

Ember basics

  • Computed Properties

    Computed Properties are the single most important concept to master Ember.js.

  • Create Proper Views

    Views are different in Ember. Here is an overview of layouts, templates, events and the lifecycle.

  • Understanding the Runloop

    The Runloop is the heart of Ember. From properties, to DOM render, everything goes through it.

  • Mixins

    Mixins let's you create reusable behavior for an object. Much like Rails' concerns.

  • Handlebars Magic

    Handlebars and some Ember specific gotchas including: default contexts, special and custom helpers.

  • Save Glue, Use Bindings

    Bindings let's you keep properties on different objects in sync with each other eliminating the need to do it yourself.

Ember application

  • Ember-Data: An Introduction

    The basics for this pre-release complement to Ember. An Overview of the store, the models and the backend interactions.

  • Router: Transition

    Navigate between your different routes from the UI and load the necessary context.

  • Router: How Routes work

    The nervous centre of your application. Naming, resources, loading route, match and all.

  • Application Organization

    There are better pattern than others to build a manageable Ember application.

  • Application Layout

    Conventions over configuration. Save code by creating using a standard application layout.

Ember tools